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Prof. Wojciech Moczulski, one of SkyTech Research founders, is currently the company President of Board of Directors. He received MSc in Theoretical Mathematics, PhD in Mechanical Engineering from SUT, and DSc (habilitation) from the same university. He is Full Professor from 2005. He is currently Full Professor at the Silesian University of Technology, Institute of Fundamentals of Machine Design. His actual research interest at the university concerns artificial intelligence applications, approximate modeling, augmented reality systems, mobile robotics, technical diagnostics and Knowledge Engineering. He has very broad experience in managing scientific teams for carrying out multidisciplinary research projects. He is author or co-author of more than 250 books, chapters in the books, scientific papers and others. He is Editor of Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence. In SkyTech he is responsible for integrating study on communication system with Consortium research on applications of augmented reality systems to virtual teleportation of humans.

R&D Director

Prof. Krzysztof A. Cyran, one of SkyTech Research founders, has received at SUT his MSc. degree in computer science (1992), his PhD degree (with honors) in technical sciences (2000) and his DSc degree (habilitation) in technical sciences with specialty in computer science (2012). His PhD dissertation addresses the problem of image recognition with the use of computer generated holograms applied as ring-wedge detectors and his DSc dissertation concerns among other various methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning in  knowledge acquisition and processing. His experience in managing the research and development in research-oriented companies has been built on his previous positions, one of them being the Head of software company Polstage Ltd, having many successful implementations in European Market in Germany and Austria, even before Poland became a member of European Union. He has been an author and co-author of more than 100 publications, including technical papers in journals (several of them indexed by Thomson Scientific) conference proceedings and monographs with total number of citations exceeding 200. Since 2012 he is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Informatics at SUT. Prof. Cyran (in 2003-2004 and 2012-2013) was a Visiting Scholar in Department of Statistics at Rice University in Houston, USA. He was the Vice-Head of the Institute of Informatics at SUT. His current research interests in SkyTech include image recognition and processing, artificial intelligence and knowledge acquisition, decision support systems, aviation and aeronautics. Prof. Cyran has been involved in numerous scientific grants awarded in Poland as well as European projects within the 7the Framework Program (7FP) of the European Union. In particular, he is the coordinator and the Scientist in charge in the EGALITE project. He is also local coordinator at Scientist in charge in SHERPA and HEDGE NEXT, the two others 7FP projects related to application of ICT in aviation.